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Shapra Group II, LLC, the fee simple owner of a 79-room Avid hotel development in the Elk Grove Village Technology Park near Chicago O'Hare International Airport.  100% ownership of this hotel will be represented by 65 Shares / $50,000 each.  The strategy is to recognize a 5-Yr (or less) Hold & Disposition of the property including the time it takes to complete construction.  The property will be marketed for sale at a 8% capitalization rate on a projected $900k net operating income, or a listing price of $11,250,000.  The property will be sold and this investment will be liquidated upon achieving target strike price.

  • Avid by IHG Hotels (79 rooms)
  • Elk Grove Technology Park / Lot #2 (1.69 acre pad)
  • Short Distance to O'Hare Int'l Airport (7.5 miles)
  • 4-story wood frame construction (40,000 sq. ft.)


*Elk Grove Technology Park: (EGTP)A newly built 85-acre development aimed at high-tech and clean manurfacturing companies. Construction progress as of September 2019

*Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD):  Currently undergoing $8 billion modernization and expansion project to maintain its lead as the nation's busiest airport. ORD expansion groundbreaking March 2019.


*Newspaper Articles:

1. $1 billion Technology Park next to O'Hare Airport

2. International businesses moving into the technology park



Owner(s) Cash: $3,250,000

Lender's Debt: $6,086,255

Expected Stabilized Revenue: $2,306,000

Expected Stabilized NOI: $888,000


Equityroots Holdings I, LLC is purchasing 25 shares in the project for $1,250,000, leaving 40 shares, or up to $2,000,000 available for other accredited investors. Investments will be offered on a first come first serve rolling basis to accredited investors only. Please contact the sponsor or manager to arrange a site tour. All investments, including this one inherently have risks. Investors are encouraged to contact us at (312) 483-2200 and/or conduct due-diligence with their finanical advisor, attorney, accountant, or any other trusted partner that can help assess the risk vs. reward associated with this real estate and business investment opportunity.

Sponsored By:

Shapra Group II, LLC

Shapra Group II, LLC an Illinois limited liability company

           By:  Equityroots, Inc. a Delaware Corp.

           Its:  Manager

                   By:  Bhavik S. Dani

                   Its:  President


Operated by:  IHG Approved Management Co.


Pitch Deck



Question: Do investors receive special discounts or perks at the property?

Investors will receive special "owner" rates through the fund manager exclusively at this property. Investor privileges come with conditions and limitations further explained in the Equityroots' Owner Card.

Question: Will investors start receiving a return immediately?

No you will not. This particular investment will not offer any cashflow for the first few years because the hotel will be under construction. It will distribute earnings on an annual basis when the hotel is up and running. The real-estate should also increase in value over time, which will be recognized at time of sale.

Question: Does this investment claim depreciation like I do for my own business and tax matters?

Yes, the business manager will claim depreciation on everyone's behalf and will share it pro-rata with every investor. It will reflect in the Schedule K1 that you will receive around tax time every year.

Expected Performance

LOCATION Elk Grove Village, Illinois
ASSET CLASS Limited Service Hotel
ADR $ 105.00
HOLD 5 Years
STRATEGY 5 Year Hold and Disposition

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